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Views of County radio sites.

This is the Case mountain site, east of Three Rivers, Ca. Case Mountain uses a Solar array to power the radios there. We currently have a Sheriff's channel 2 located there.

Uhl Hill is located south of California Hot Springs. Most of the County channels are located at this site.

Blue Ridge is our main County site, which is located 15 miles east of Exeter, at 5700 feet. We have all channels at this site. We have occupied this site since 1958.

fuel truck for helicopter
Bucket holds about 1/4 yard of concrete
Helo comming
Comming back
heading up the hill with a load of concrete
near the top of the hill
zipping back down to get another bucket full
landing for fuel - about 40 gallons in the morning, 35 in the afternoon, every 1.5 hrs
about to get another load
swapping buckets to head back up. round trip in 4 minutes
putting up modular walls for radio building
same showing 40 ft tower (1 of 4 installed)
generator inside building
adding the roof to the building
roofs up, view showing air conditoner holes (dual units)
P Telcom workers tying wall to floor
walls up, roof done, working on doors
view from solar cabinet southeast towards construction
the new site sure dwarfs the existing solar site
view of west wall of building
Bobo's horse - checking out the view from the site
Another view of the west end of the building
quite a bit done in one day.

Stokes Mountain is a new site that the County is currently developing. For now it has two radios that are solar powered. This site is located east of Cutler / Orosi area.

Almost all done

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