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Check here often for the latest release of Central California maps (CENCAxx.ZIP)

Install Tutorial for APRSdos
KPC3 & KPC3+ GPS Tracker settings

W8FWF help files

Remote Peet wx stn serial cable

Corrected Chess board map

Updated CALIF.MAP 12/29/00

Click here for map of APRS VHF freqs in use

Here are the APRS maps you should have. Download and place the .ZIP file in your C:\aprs directory. Then do: PKUNZIP -dn xxxxxxx.zip and the maps will be installed on your system. You will need to change the maplist in APRS to make these maps show up. For APRSdos, do M C C to change map lists. For answering the maplist extension question, use:

CAN for Northern California,
CCA for Central California,
CA for old entire state of California.

Remember to use Alt S S to save this new maplist extension to your configure file. Otherwise, this maplist won't be automatically selected when you restart APRSdos

Latest Central Calif maps by WA6YLB 1,131,261 bytes Dated 11/25/97

Latest Northern Calif maps by W7KKE 1,082,707 bytes

Old entire state of California maps 1,094,470 bytes

More APRS maps on TAPRs FTP site

Latest APRS dos version 875 1 mb zip file - stored on this site

APRS dos Max version [based on ver 846] EXE only - stored on this site

Make sure you unzip all files with the file in C:\aprs with pkunzip -dn filename.ext - all the .ZIP files have directory storage information in them, and its important the files go in the proper place. Also, the -dn has to be in lower case.

Paccomm v5.0.0 command list (printable text file)
Paccomm commands used in TNC2 style digis

KPC3 & KPC3+ DIGI and remote Wx stn settings

Stealth Digi software (64K) for a PC
Install Tutorial for Stealth, 16K text file

How about this view?
Here is what my neighborhood looks like
Can you tell which house is mine? Hint: I dont have a garage out front


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