WA6YLB-3 144.39 APRS digi

Here is a couple of photos of the WA6YLB-3 site on Stony Flat, Fresno County.

You can see the antenna being mounted in this picture.

This site sits on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains at 4200 feet and has a good view over the valley. This site hears W6PVG-3 towards the south, WA6YLB-7 on Stokes Mtn, East of Orosi, and several other bay area digis. Oddly, it doesn't hear K6IXA-3 that well, although they are 9 miles apart but 4000 feet difference in elevation (K6IXA-3 is at 8500 feet).
The equipment consists of a VHF MCX100 radio (synthesized) which was moved to the 135-146 Mhz range, a Kantronics KPC3 v8.2 software, and a VHF fiberglass vertical. (unsure of gain)
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