WR6ABD 144.39 APRS digi

Located south of San Jose, in the mountains west of Morgan Hill , the WR6ABD digipeater serves the San Jose and surrounding areas well. Here is a reference map.

Location of Loma Preita site

This site is readlily seen while driving up 101. It towers over southern San Jose. Listen for the 146.640 Mhz voice repeater there too.

View looking at Mt. Umunhum

This is a view of Mt Umunhum from Loma Preita. You can see the city off to the right of the photo.

View up tower at WR6ABD

You want me to go up there? This tower sure would make a great additon to anyones home station! Can you make out the digi antenna yet?

wr6abd site w/tower

Here is view of the outside of the vault and the tower.

Still having a problem spotting the antenna? How about we take you 100 feet up the tower.

How about now?

Antenna on tower @ 100 ft

What a view. Dont drop anything!

Another view from on the side of the tower. Wow what a view

View north from the tower at 100 feet.

The road heads up the ridge to the other sites on the Sierra Azul ridge

Cabinet with radios in it inside the vault

I bet its in there somewhere. Can you spot the KPC-3 TNC and its radio?

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Photos by George, WR6ABD. Page made by Byron WA6YLB. 12/28/97. Last revised 12/21/05